Thursday, June 27, 2013


I know I'm a day early but I promise I have a good excuse for this weekday mix-up — Adam (my lovely boyfriend) and I are heading to New York for a weekend at a ranch! *insert obnoxious sounds and happy dance here* I have been looking forward to this trip since he got the tickets for my birthday...back in November. Clearly we are an "on the ball" couple. But, in his defense, we did agree to wait until the weather got warmer, which to me meant April... But hey, what's two more months, right? Needless to say I.AM.SO.READY. 

(Ponies, pool, food, dancing, mountians, nature, campfires, more food and more ponies — yep, totally pumped.)

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, even if you aren't going anywhere fancy! But if you are stuck at home doing absolutely nothing, you can always stalk my instagram (, see all of the glorious things that I am up to, and live vicariously through me. Don't worry, I'll allow it. 

But no, really. Keep an eye out. Beautiful sights are to be seen.

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