Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Alright guys, so I have been trying to come up with some ways to make the blog — well, better — and with some help from friends (thanks for the Facebook input guys!) I have decided to feature a few weekly post series! This will 1. give me a chance to show you more of the things I have been working on and 2. keep me on a better blogging schedule. Can you say win, win? 

I'd like to start out this adventure with a quick calligraphy doodle I did this morning while messing around with some of my pens & nibs. I am rather new to the calligraphy thing, but determined to be as quick and artful and fluid and awesome as all those fancy calligraphers out there. You know, the ones with work so gorgeous you just sit there and drool over it for hours? Yeah, just like that. But like everything, it is going to take practice. Lots.of.practice. 

We all know practice makes perfect, but I think I'll just aim for awesome.

So keep an eye out for weekly inspiration in the form of doodles, patterns, colors and everything else wonderful! 

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