Monday, July 8, 2013


Look at you, aren't you guys lucky — two blog posts in one day! What is this madness? Actually, I can answer that: this madness is me trying to make up for my lack of organization and promise keeping last week. I know this should have been posted last tuesday, but it still counts if it's within a week right?

Anyway, last weeks (or this weeks) doodle days is brought to you by visions of my future. I can't stop thinking about my wedding, getting married and spending the rest of my life with my best friend, so I turn to endless pinterest-ing, list making and of course, doodling. This is a collection of W's, which happen to be my new favorite letter. AND MY SOON TO BE NEW LAST INITIAL! Audrey Catherine Watson — that has a nice ring to it!

Yep, I am officially wedding obsessed. But it's cool. Now I should have tons of stuff to share on the blog! My advanced apologies for any "bridezilla" behavior. Although I like to think that I am calm, cool and collected enough to avoid that. Or at least I hope so. 

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